I have spent the past 33 years cutting, assessing and selling diamonds in South Africa and Australia. For 25 years I was a principal cutter for Rio Tinto specialising in the most expensive Pink and Coloured diamonds. Several of the worlds most expensive Diamonds we’re assessed, planned, cut and sold by me.

I also gained experience performing in-house diamond sales for the Rio Tinto Group of companies in Australia and globally. While acting for personal clients I have sourced diamonds worldwide, for adornment or investment, to meet their exacting specifications through my international network of contacts in the very closed diamond community. To make my experience and expertise available to a wider group of clients I started trading as Dean Knoote Diamonds . It's a one stop professional advice and personal diamond broking business.

Whether buying diamonds to include in settings or as an investment I can advise on all aspects of the diamond market and act as your broker to buy stones to meet your needs, specifications and budget. In addition I can advise on and arrange re-cuts, assess the value of a particular ornamental arrangement or evaluate the sense of investing in specific stones, search worldwide for unique diamonds and advise on the correct settings for your chosen stones.

My service is professional, personal, private and confidential. Fees and/or brokerage will be discussed and agreed before I act as your broker or diamond advisor.

If you want your diamond to retain its sparkle Dean Knoote Diamonds will help you choose a gem that really will be forever.