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We carefully select diamonds from our supplier lists to provide the market with very high quality stones.

    Our Diamonds are:

  • Assured from conflict free supply with documentation as per the Kimberley process Agreement
  • Supplied with Letter of Guarantee of Origin for all Argyle stones.
  • From all sizes (0.01ct to 5ct)
  • In colors (specializing in D-G, but we have access to all commercial whites)
  • For natural Fancy Colours in the following ranges:
  • Champagne (C1-C3)
  • Dark Champagne (C4-C5)
  • Cognac (C6-C7)
  • Yellows (Cape series: Light and Fancy Light Yellow)
  • With Qualities (SI to IF)
  • With world class (HRD, GIA) certification on white diamonds above 50 points, and some certification with coloured diamonds.
  • Valuation Certificates on diamonds 40 to 50 points
  • Guaranteed untreated authentic natural stones (unless otherwise specified such as with limited stock of HTTP blue and black diamonds).