Diamonds Never Lie

The diamonds you see so beautifully presented in at a jewelers are so different from the diamonds that first greet me. To hold a diamond in the rough, that weighs heavily in my palm while I gaze at it and allow my imagination to work out all the ways it can be shaped before deciding the only way it can be cut for maximum impact is a part of my calling that never tires me.

Exclusive with Robert De Niro

See the photos below of Robert De Niro checking out our awesome diamonds!

Australian Diamonds

Dean Knoote Diamonds is one of the privileged distributors of Australian Diamond Product. From pure white beauties, through to the natural colour spectrum: yellow, champagne cognac, and pink. View product Gallery

Canadian Diamonds

From the frozen Northwest territories of Canada the spectacular icy white diamonds from the Diavik diamond mine are also part of our product portfolio. View Product Gallery